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Konferencje >> wielkopolskie

United Nations Climate Change Conference

Nazwa: United Nations Climate Change Conference
Typ konferencji: konferencja
Organizator: Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Polish Government Poznań International Fair
Tematyka: Nauki biologiczne, Nauki chemiczne, Nauki o ziemi,


Termin rozpoczęcia: 2008-12-01
Termin zakończenia: 2008-12-12

Miejsce konferencji

Nazwa obiektu: Poznań International Fair
Miasto: Poznań
Województwo: wielkopolskie


Fact sheet: Poznan – COP 14/CMP 4
The negotiating process on climate change revolves around the sessions of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP), which meets every year to review the implementation of the Convention. The COP adopts decisions and resolutions, published in reports of the COP. Successive decisions taken by the COP make up a detailed set of rules for practical and effective implementation of the Convention. The COP serves as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP), which also adopts decisions and resolutions on the implementation of its provisions. For the sake of simplicity, the COP/CMP is termed “United Nations Climate Conference”. This term covers the entire event, including the many side events and exhibits held parallel to the talks and negotiations.
Why is the UN Climate Change Conference being held in Poland?
Expressions of interest or invitations to host a climate change conference come from the governments of a prospective host country and are decided by the COP. Following the procedural rules of the Conference, the office of President normally rotates among the five UN regional groups. The 2008 conference will be held in Eastern Europe. When a COP is held at the invitation of a host country, it is customary for the COP and CMP to elect as President a Minister from that country, usually the Environment Minister. The last time the Eastern Europe group held the Presidency of the Conference was in 2003 (COP 9). The meeting took place in Milan, Italy and was presided over by the Hungarian Environment Minister. Whilst the Presidency rotates, the actual location of the sessions can vary. Following technical missions to assess the facilities at the venue envisaged by the host country, the Government and the UNFCCC have concluded a Host Country Agreement indicating all the facilities and equipment needed.
How many people will attend?
Traditionally, the COP/CMP attracts several thousand participants, including government representatives and observer organizations. The sessions in Bali in 2007 attracted close to 11,000 participants, including some 3,500 government officials, over 5,800 representatives of UN bodies and agencies, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and nearly 1,500 accredited members of the media. The UN Climate Change Conference in Nairobi the year before was slightly more than half that size, with around 6,000 participants. Participation in Poznan is likely to range between these two figures.
Who comes to the United Nations Climate Change Conferences?
Participation in COP 14 and CMP 4 is restricted to duly nominated representatives of Parties, observer States, accredited observer organizations and accredited press/media. Those Parties to the Convention that are not Parties to the Protocol may participate as observers in the CMP. Conferences traditionally have a high-level segment attended by anywhere from 70 to 100
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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
January 2007
ministers and senior officials, usually held during the last three days of the session. The high-level segment includes an opening or welcoming event often with head of state participation.
How much is the conference likely to cost?
When a Government offers to host a UNFCCC conference, the secretariat provides a list of requirements, including an appropriate conference centre, equipment, security, logistics and utilities. Some governments have ready-made facilities, and can deliver at relatively low costs. Others need to either rent the facilities or construct temporary structure, at significantly higher costs. The direct cost for the UNFCCC secretariat will be approximately US$ 2 million. Much of the additional cost to the secretariat is indirect, relating to staff time and other efforts in preparing substantive input, planning for and servicing the conference. The total costs of the UN Climate Change Conferences in Bali and Kenya amounted to around US$ 10 million.
What is expected to happen politically in Poland?
In Poznan, delegates – including ministers – will discuss their vision for long-term cooperative action on climate change, including a long-term emission reduction goal. The issue of technology will also be high on the agenda and the conference will deal in depth with the issue of risk management and risk reduction strategies. Poznan will be an important stepping stone on the way to COP 15 in Copenhagen. Countries have agreed that in Copenhagen, an ambitious climate change deal will be clinched to follow on the first phase of the UN’s Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. At Poznan, Parties to the UNFCCC will take stock of progress made in 2008 and map out in detail what needs to happen in 2009 to get to that agreement.

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